Arcadian Solutions was established in 1999, and has since created an legacy of successful projects for industry, government and non profit organisations with commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Arcadian Solutions has an emphasis on facilitated collaboration and supported implementation where participants feel motivated and obtain the skills and tools necessary to implement successful sustainability programs.

A critical success factor for Arcadian Solutions has been our strong commitment to providing responsive, practical, and effective solutions to our clients. As a small business, Arcadian Solutions has been able to adapt its approach to ensure clients receive support and capacity building that serve them for the long term.

providing services that both meet and exceed our client expectations

About our CEO, Libby Chaplin

Ms Chaplin has been an environmental and management systems professional since the early 90's, and has built a successful international consulting firm with a focus on environmental and sustainability services.   Ms Chaplin has particular specialty in sustainable management of electronics, from design and manufacture, through to responsible end-of-life and supply chain management.

Since returning to Australia in 2016 after 14 years in the US, Ms Chaplin has added the role of CEO at the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative, where her focus is on establishing a national stewardship scheme for responsible management of waste batteries.

Ms Chaplin is a member Conformity Decision Panel at the Green Electronics Council that oversees conformity to their EcoLabel for sustainable electronics.  This internationally recognised EcoLabel is intended to ensure responsible design, manufacture and end-of-life management of electronic products.   

Ms Chaplin has worked extensively with the Basel Action Network supporting the e-Stewards® Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment, including:

  • development of the e-Stewards auditor training,
  • design of tools to enable auditors to effectively verify standards criteria and supply chain tracking,
  • validation to ensure recyclers do not contravene the Basel Convention or the Basel Ban Amendment, and
  • contributed to each revision of the e-Stewards Standard to clarify and strengthen controls for responsible management and tracking of electronic waste.  

The ability to develop practical standards and tools has grown from consulting work with electronics manufacturers and electronic-waste recyclers in the US, Canada, and South Korea.  Ms Chaplin has extensive experience across a diverse set of standards including:

A key focus of Ms Chaplin's work has been on creating effective management systems to minimise environmental harm, maximise worker safety and establish supply chain controls to manage risk and improve efficiency, extending to:

  • risk assessment and control measure identification,
  • effective and user friendly internal systems and procedures,
  • building capacity of employees and teams,
  • internal audits with a view to improve business efficiency and system outcomes, and
  • supply chain due diligence and monitoring process for ensuring corporate and government obligations are met throughout the supply chain.

With a practical interdisciplinary approach, Ms Chaplin has a comprehensive track record for creating innovative and effective programs that integrate policy and corporate imperatives with operational systems that deliver results and ultimately empower program participants to achieve ongoing improvements.



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2006 Outstanding Achievement Award Western Coalition of Arid States, USA

2006 Pollution Prevention Best in Class Award National Nuclear Security Admin, USA

2006 Pollution Prevention Star Award Department of Energy, USA

2004 Recycler of the Year New Mexico Recycling Coalition, USA

2001 Ballarat Learning Achievement Award Ballarat City Council, Australia


Practical information

“The research report prepared for us by Arcadian Solutions was full of practical information and recommendations. It gave us a real basis for developing our approach to introducing recycled content purchasing programs. We have now contracted Arcadian to help facilitate related workshops and develop our program.”

— Brisbane City Council

Superb work ethic

“We highly recommend Libby’s services to companies looking for an extremely knowledgeable, efficient consultant with a superb work ethic.”

Onsite Electronics Recycling

Highly professional

“The quality of service was highly professional and delivered in a time efficient and cost effective manner. Arcadian Solutions’ facilitation skills are excellent and able to cater for a diverse range of environments and audiences. Analysis and report writing is very thorough and presented clearly.”

Moreland City Council

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