The design, delivery and facilitation of effective training, education, and awareness raising can deliver incredible results. Arcadian Solutions designs and delivers exceptional training and capacity building programs that take into account your resources and availability. Our success includes extended face to face trainings as well as highly interactive webinars. Engaging people in active learning initiatives:

  • Enhances skills and expands knowledge
  • Builds high performance teams and improves team function
  • Creates a culture of improvement that flows into other areas of performance Increases productivity and problem solving
  • Delivers sustainable change

// Case study // 
Highlands Regional Waste Management Group: Commercial & Industrial Waste Minimisation Program

Arcadian Solutions was engaged by the Highlands Regional Waste Management Group (HRWMG) to deliver training and implementation support to recycling and collection contractors and their clients. The outcomes of the program extended far beyond the initial project, as program participants integrated the Waste Wise Business program into their package of customer services and it became state wide.  

The program included three core elements:

  • Development of a three year waste reduction strategy for regional commerce and industry
  • Development and delivery of a Waste Wise Business Training Manual
  • Ongoing support to participants as they facilitated waste Wise Action Plans with their clients

This project was awarded the Ballarat Learning Achievement Award.

// Case study // 
Basel Action Network

The Basel Action Network (BAN), a non-profit public interest group, hired Libby Chaplin in 2009 to both develop and deliver auditor training for our emerging e-Stewards Certification program ( This training program has continued and expanded from the initial in-depth face to face trainings for auditors, to include interactive webinars to support auditors and e-Stewards to understand how to meet and audit emerging versions of the standard.

Top level process, products, and professionalism

“Through this entire time, Libby has been, without fail, one of the most effective, efficient, and pleasant consultants we have ever worked with. She brings a stunning combination of knowledge about conformity assurance (certification and accreditation), standards in general, electronic waste recycling in particular, facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes, designing and delivering trainings and useful tools for industry and governments, problem solving, sheer speed in computer skills, a high level of attention to details, crafting creative and quality deliverables, professionalism, and a winning personality that makes every project with her a pleasure to complete. It’s rare to find so many desirable skills in one person.”

— Sarah Westervelt, Basel Action Network