Our team delivers:

  • Identify gaps and opportunities for building a new system, achieving certification or upgrading to a revised standard
  • Navigate the registration process
  • Create a practical project plan for creating or improving your systems
  • Design or enhance training to ensure system understanding and conformity
  • Create internal audit programs and prepare for registration audits
  • Provide 2nd party internal audits to get fresh eyes on your system and identify real system improvements
  • Improve the capability of your workforce to identify business improvements
  • Development of user friendly system tools that make system implementation part of day to day operations

Our user-friendly templates and tools are easily adapted to suite our clients’ needs and its culture. We create effective tools such as handbooks, training, toolkits, checklists, procedures and communication materials that will work for your organisation well into the future.

// Case study // 
Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL): ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Implementation

LANL initially contracted Arcadian Solutions to write a communication procedure for their upcoming environmental management system, however in December 2004, this role was expanded to include facilitation and deployment of the system design and implementation. Key features of this project included:

  • Facilitation of a collaborative approach to system design and deployment with 33 divisions
  • Preparation of EMS documentation, including the crucial EMS Toolkit, a step by step guide to division implementation
  • Development of new systems, process evaluation, procedures, communication tools and training

This success of this project was recognised within LANL, and also by the achievement of an NNSA 2006 “Pollution Prevention Best in Class Award” and a national 2006 Department of Energy “P2 Star Award”.

// Case study // 
Recom South Korea: ISO 14001 and e-Stewards Management System Design

It was the vision of Recom CEO, Mr HeeJoon Kim to become the first e-Steward Certified company in Asia. After an expensive first try with a larger consulting firm, Recom approached the Basel Action Network for a recommendation and was referred to Arcadian Solutions. Over a two-year period, Ms Chaplin worked with Recom on site in Korea and online to create a bi-lingual management system. In 2015, Recom did indeed become the first Asian e-Stewards certified recycler.