On the global stage, standards such as the 1680 series of standards which provide environmental performance criteria for the design of personal computer products (1680.1), imaging equipment products (1680.2), and Televisions (1680.3), are becoming increasingly important for manufacturers  of electronic equipment seeking to demonstrate their corporate responsibility.

Not surprisingly, original equipment manufacturers and consumers are also looking to independent certification / verification programs to ensure that their discarded electronics are managed responsibly. Standards such as WEEELABEX (Europe), the e-Stewards® (USA based), R2 (USA based), the Recycler Qualification Program for End-Of-Life Electronics Recycling (Canada), and the draft AS/NZ Collection, Storage, Transport and Treatment of Used Electrical and Electronic Equipment (Australia), have all been established to address (to varying degrees) customer concerns such as data security, export of toxic waste to developing countries, and poor health and safety practices are leading customers to demand responsible management. These standards are filling a need in the industry to have independent verification to assure that this highly toxic waste stream is managed responsibly.

e-Waste stewardship

We are experienced in designing and implementing programs for the responsible management of electronic waste. Ms Chaplin has played a key role in the development of the e-Stewards Standard and the e-Stewards auditor certification training. This has been supported by practical  implementation of a number of certified systems for e-waste recyclers including 14001, 18001, R2 and e-Stewards. Recently Ms Chaplin was appointed to the EPEAT Green Electronics Verification Program’s Product Verification Committee which is responsible for overseeing the verification process for the 1680 series of standards for the environmental assessment of personal computer products (1680.1), imaging equipment products (1680.2), and televisions (1680.3).

We offer strategic services for policy and program design and tactical services in standards and system implementation. Our team offers:

  • Standards development and policy design services for government agencies, enterprises and non-profits,
  • Gap and opportunity assessments for recyclers and refurbishers to determine system status, supported by creation and deployment of  a project plan as a roadmap to successful certification,
  • Design and implementation of e-waste stewardship management systems,
  • Communication and training for fast transition to new processes, and
  • Integration of e-Stewards, R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 requirements into a practical and easy to maintain system

Arcadian Solutions creates tools and resources to support responsive e-waste management systems. We can help with guidance, manuals, templates, checklists, posters, or procedures.

// Case study // 
Electronics Recycling

Onsite Electronics Recycling specialises in both recycling and refurbishment of electronic waste. In 2008, they decided to pursue certification to e-Stewards Standard©, OHSAS 18001 (Safety) & R2 to their program. Arcadian Solutions provided Onsite with:

  • Annual internal audits to assess certification readiness and identify opportunities for business improvement
  • Creation of a project plan for certification readiness
  • Design of system documentation and tools that were easy to use for both workers and management
  • Integration of the of e-Stewards®, Responsible Recycling (“R2”) Practices & OHSAS 18001 Safety 
Worth the money spent

“We have been immensely pleased with the services provided. Libby’s extensive knowledge of management systems has been invaluable. We would highly recommend Libby’s services to companies looking for an extremely knowledgeable, efficient consultant with a superb work ethic.”

Janice Oldemeyer, Onsite Electronics Recycling